Dry cleaning

UseNamePacking unit
 Wire hangers 500 pcs
Trousers line:Hosenstege Weiss2500 pcs
 Filter powder: Hyflo Super Cell 25 kgs
High concentrated, with antistatic agent, acid binder fresh scentBucofresh Konz.25 kgs
With antistatic agent, acid binderBucofresh Deo25 kgs
Deodorizing effectAlboxán Deo/H25 kgs
Cleaning intensifier for work clothesAlboxán IND25 kgs
Concentrated  cleaning intensifier with filth dissolving propertiesAlboxán S20 kgs
Intensifier for machine wash of textiles and cleaning leatherAlboxán 140025 kgs
Cleaning intensifier with optical bleachWolapon AOS25 kgs
With leather fatting cleaning propertiesBucosol 1101 N20 kgs
Secondary  treating agent for leatherSultosin V 3325 kgs
Stain removers:  
Sugar, sweat, bloodUnisol 15 kgs
Fruit, tea, coffee, grassUnisol 25 kgs
Lacquer, paint, resin, ball point, ink, colouringUnisol 35 kgs
Discolouration Unisol 45 kgs
Special stain pre-treater with fress scentBucofresh Start25 kgs
Leather brush-in and stain pre-treaterFlarosol LED 6620 kgs
Solvent-free  stain pre-treaterFlarosol VDM25 kgs
Stain pre-treaters:Neocryl TI, TA, OK0,5 kgs
 Neocryl FO, EW, LA0,5 kgs
 Neocryl BL, NAS, RO0,5 kgs
 Neocryl KL0,5 kgs
Antistatic agent:Cobustat MF25 kgs
Antifoam:Glanapon CRO4 kgs
Deoiler: (also used in  spray guns)Katafil O/230 litres
Scenter:Dufftstoff NEU10 kg
Special detergents  for wet cleaning:Wolponal FLR25 kg
 Wolponal Finish25 kg
 Wolponal VDL25 kg
Fat dissolving auxiliary:Seconal OIL – EX10 kg