Cím: 1097 Budapest,

Gubacsi út 10/a

Telefon: +36-1-215-3058

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About us


Our Company was established in 1952 under the name Anilin Textile Dye Supplying Company and had its headquarters at 3 Gorove utca in the 5th district of Budapest. Initially, the Company was mainly involved in the sale of textile dyestuffs, however, the range of its products gradually increased, including the stockpiling and distribution of other dyes and chemical agents as well.

In 1955 the Company’s name was changed to Anilin Dye and Chemical Trading Company. In 1991 it was transformed into a public limited company, and since 2006 it has been ANILIN Trading Plt. that fulfils customer demand as a chemical wholesaler.

Anilin has always attached great importance to technically and professionally established trading as well as to the continuous supply of customers and manufacturers.

The majority of the Company’s products are supplied by international manufacturers. The procurement and commercial relationships of ANILIN Plt. range from EU member states to Far Eastern countries. In Hungary, Anilin is the wholesaler of the products of Busetti & Co. and Nalco Chemical Ges.m.b.H. Our customers are mainly domestic enterprises, manufacturers (pharmaceutical factories, chemical companies, food processing companies, household detergent manufacturers, etc.) and service providers (power stations, waterworks, dry-cleaners, etc.)

Our primary aim is to supply our customers under the most favourable conditions with high quality products necessary for their manufacturing and service providing activities and share our technical, commercial, logistic and financial experience with them.

Financial Highlights (in thousand HUF)
  2016 2017
Revenues 1.753.072 1.748.700
Profit from operations 70.535 76.054
Profit after taxatio 51.215 55.067
Capital and reserves 1.355.932 1.370.994
Total assets 1.755.982 1.777.328

Board of Directors:

Mr János Götz – chairman

Mr László Goreczky – commercial director

dr. Emese Hajnal – legal counsel